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You need high-quality marketing to promote your business and reach new people.

I provide digital products that deliver serious business results and help you get found online and make more sales.

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Excellent. Here are a few things that I can offer you:

  • Roadmapping Session — A complete review of your business and your marketing. We’ll discuss your business goals, what success looks like to you, and your current marketing campaigns. Then, I’ll put together a report analyzing if Search Engine Optimization is right for your business and how long it will take for your intial investment to pay for itself.
  • Website X-Ray — I can pick apart everything that’s wrong with your current website, providing you with an actionable report of all the issues that are critical to improving your site’s ability to generate traffic.
  • Link Building Blueprint — I can outline a specific, step-by-step, white-hat link building blueprint for you to follow to get high-quality, authority, white-hat, organic links pointing to your website, increasing your search engine rankings and generating more traffic for your business.
  • Traffic Power-Up — I execute on your link building plan for you, writing authority content for you, building links to your website, and increasing your search engine rankings.
  • One-Off Projects. I work on between four and six one-off consulting projects every year, and they run the gamut between research, website development, traffic generation, content strategy, and conversion optimization. If you’re interested in working together, you can get in touch.

Who are you?

Kai DavisI’m Kai Davis — a Marketing and Business Consultant from Oregon. I have nearly a decade of experience helping my clients get people visiting their website and dramatically improving their sales.

What do people say about you?

In the long run, my services have worked out really well for my clients. Here’s one example:

“Kai’s advice on optimizing our website was an epic win for us — it permanently moved the needle on our growth.” — Marci Hansen, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder, SheerID

And another:

Kai helps me reach new customers and get more clients. Working with him is a boost to my business!” — Virginia Roberts, Owner, The Heartographer

And what’s Look Shiny, exactly?

Look Shiny is a small, independent marketing consulting agency, located in Oregon, and run by me. I work best with small, established businesses, small teams, and small sets of stakeholders.

Look Shiny was built to be profitable from day zero. I believe firmly in creating something stable, modest, and mildly profitable that will last me for the rest of my life. I work independently, with hellbent specialization in what I do, and I want to keep my business around for a very long time.

If Look Shiny sounds like the kind of company that you’d like to work with, then I’d love to hear from you.

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